Monday, May 25, 2015

Online Trading Academy Alternative – Forexearlywarning Is Better For Your Forex Trading Business


Forexearlywarning is the leading alternative to the Online Trading Academy for educating forex traders. See why Forexearlywarning is strongly preferred by forex traders to provide complete forex education and trading system for 1-3% of the cost of Online Trading Academy, and our system is much more effective.

Online Reviews Of Online Trading Academy

Based on the online review sites like Yelp, Investimonials, Disqus, and Kiplinger, here are the reviews of the Online Trading Academy (OTA) users who attended their seminars and paid for their courses. After the reviews we compare OTA to Forexearlywarning.

OTA Cost 

Course attendees said that OTA will pressure you to spend increasingly more money, up to $50,000 to attend all of their courses and to join their elite club. Alternatively you can spend $12,500 upfront plus $625 per month. They will offer to finance your courses at 18% after 6 months.OTA will be aggressive and want you to spend they were aggressive and wanted. Some attendees said the pricing is insane, and some of the information on their website information sounds like OTA is operating as an introducing broker because clients get rebates on their trades. 

Forexearlywarning Cost

Forexearlywarning offers several online courses on our website, all of them are free, We also offer weekly webinars two times per week, these webinars are also free and these webinars are recorded so you can listen at any time. We also support our clients with free email support. As far as cost there is no comparison because the majority of the Forexearlywarning educational materials are free.

OTA Upselling

Course attendees report that the power trading workshop is not a workshop it is an upsell pitch, you get heavy sales pressure to sign up for ever more "advanced" courses that are way too expensive. The introductory course has a $5,000 up sell, which is for basic instruction, but up to $50,000 to "graduate". The constant up selling is annoying.

Forexearlywarning Upselling

The Forexearlywarning business model is flat pricing with no up selling. most or nearly all of our educational resources are free. We also have a $19.95 per month subscription fee for our ....... UP NEXT

Course - they use technical analysis, support and resistance – no problem with this, the thee day seminar is a three day sales pitch, Didn’t learn anything new, all of this is on youtube, $10,000 for XLT turned out to be a waste of time,  they teach candlesticks, XLT has no value, technical indicators, their website indicates a $ 30 hours course for 
$5,000 they teach technical analysis but you must take two prerequisite courses first, must take two courses before you can take forex class, correlations between markets, online Course descriptions are vague and general, Entry points??, Broad topics like: Globalization - Understand how commodity/Forex market relationships offer long term Forex traders a potential competitive advantage. ??? Taught us risk management

Kiplinger article technical indicators analysis does not work new Zealand study 5000 different combinations, other studies random results. 

Their approach - they know the psychology of novice traders and exploit it, instructors have huge egos, instructors have basic knowledge of charting, instructors are actually salespeople, carefully crafted scam, ask them general questions about the economy and they do not have any, don’t give you anything until we got your money, high pressure



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Online Trading Academy Alternative – Forexearlywarning Is Better For Your Forex Trading Business

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